Monday, March 9, 2009

Our newest adventure

I will start this blog at the beginning of our newest adventure.  Jon's latest assignment was a remote to South Korea.  We decided that to be apart for a year was out of the question.  Jon had to go a month early to find an apartment, car, etc.  So the move alone was not easy, luckily I had my parents to help with the kids and the flight over.  This was the first, of many I'm sure, adventures the boys got to do together.  The flight was 14 hours long and the time change was 14 hours difference.  We made it, and seeing Jon with his boys made all the struggle worth it.


B.Long said...

So glad you have a blog now! It is about time! Love the pics of Jon with the boys. Love, Bev

Kris10 said...

Yay! Your first post! Keep them coming!!!